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3 Signs You’re Meant for Big Things

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Happy Saturday. I’m about to head to a cloudy day picnic, but before I head on my way, I just had to get this out of me and to you. I had an interview yesterday with the lovely Samantha Ushedo and we talked all things high-achiever and enoughness. One of the things that came up out of our interview is how do you know you’re meant for big things?

Three of the things that came to mind immediately is that:

  1. You have big dreams,
  2. You have a burning passion,
  3. You have a desire to help the world.

I don’t think we’re high-achievers/visionaries/dreamers for no reason at all. I think we’re high-achievers and strivers because we’re meant to do big things in the world.Click To Tweet There’s a calling within us that drives us, that makes us yearn for something more, that keeps a vision for something bigger, bolder, and better. And I’m glad for this.

But here’s what I know about the journey of high-achievers, visionaries, and dreamers…

confidence will only take you so far. At some point, you’re going to have to call deep on your courage when the world calls for more of you than you feel comfortable giving.

When we are meant for big things, we will undoubtedly find ourselves outside of our comfort zones. That’s the way it works. In order to make revolutionary change, in order to see our vision come to life, things are going to be asked of us that make us question “are we really enough to do this?”

The world is going to ask us to take a risk on ourselves and it this point in which most of us will cower down and few will carry on.

I don’t want you to be the one who cowers down.

I don’t want you to be the one who always wonders “what if I took that chance”, “what if I believed in myself just a little bit more”, “what if I believed I was the only one who could bring this idea to the world”, “what if I believed that I was enough, more than enough and not only did the world deserve this from me, but I deserved it too”?

Did you know that when people are on their death beds and looking back over their life, the thing they regret the most are the chances they never took? Did you know that this all comes back to a deep sense of believing you deserve to take those chances regardless of success? And did you know that deservingness all comes back to enoughness?


My work in the world isn’t just to help you become enough as you are, where you are. It’s about preparing you for the road ahead when the world is asking you to be as courageous as you’ve ever been.Click To Tweet It’s about preparing you to see your vision and dream come to life. It’s about preparing you to take the road less traveled because you believe you can do it. And this level of courage only comes from believing and knowing that you’re enough and you deserve it.

I want you to think about all the things that are keeping you stuck right now. I want you to think about all the things you keep grasping at for the magic solution to catapult you to happiness and success. I want you to think about what makes you think crazy, wild, unimaginable success (however you define that) is meant for other people and not you.

Can you see how it all comes back to believing you’re enough, to believing that you’re worthy, to believing that you deserve it?

Here’s the deal… only you are in charge of the outcome of your life. Only you are in charge of the chances you take and the actions you make. I can’t do this work for you. I could give you every single ounce of knowledge I have in the world and it still wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference until you decided you were worth the implementation.

The fears you feel all come back to wondering if you’re really enough, wondering if you can accept setbacks, wondering if you really have what it takes to go after your dream and make it happen.

When you become enough and know how to stay enough, fears cower to your strength. Doubt cowers to compassion. Judgment cowers to self-love and self-embrace.

You may hear all the time that the world needs that special thing that only you can bring, that Do you believe what you have is enough to make a big deal about? Do you want to?

Then I really want you to consider doing the inner work that creates the outer results. I make no guarantees on what’s going to happen to your life after our Claim Your Enoughness October Group Program. No one can (and if they do, run!). But what I do know is that everything you want starts with the relationship you have with yourself. It starts with establishing your own worthiness and deservingness.

It starts with your own enoughness.

If you’re ready to take that journey and do the work THAT ONLY YOU CAN DO, there are 3 spaces left and I want you to join me.

I know somewhere deep down inside you, there’s a vision for what you are capable of. There is potential you see in yourself, but the doubt just seems too much right now.

I know what that feels like. I’ve lived it. I spent the majority of my life there. But instead of reaching for a magic solution that will fill your insecurities and give you the magic answer to happiness, what about taking the real deal path of getting your answers within. That’s where it resides.  It doesn’t exist outside of you.  Every ounce of possibility for what you want, what you yearn for, and what you dream about all comes from within.

And if you’re one of the insightful ones that realizes you can either be your worst enemy or your biggest champion, it’s time to do the work.

We’re getting started on Monday, October 5th at a killer price of $197. If you’re ready to commit to becoming your biggest champion, let’s do this.



As a friendly reminder, this program will require 15 minutes per day of journaling, 15 minutes per day interacting with our private Facebook group, and one hour each week on a coaching call with me (either live or recorded) every Tuesday at 3:00 pm CST.  Minimum time investment, minimum financial investment. Let’s do the work to becoming enough and staying enough because you deserve it now!

  • Samantha October 3, 2015, 4:08 pm

    I absolutely LOVE this and all the conversations you are starting on this powerful topic! I cannot wait to chat with you again and spread the word far and wide: you are SO enough! <3

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