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3 Signs You Need Help

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I hope you’ve had an amazing week!  We’re getting ready to head into the weekend and one of the things that’s come up again and again throughout my group coaching calls, 1:1 coaching sessions, and conversations with other women on enoughness this week is how do we know we need help?

Let me say that there is so much wisdom within the women I get to speak to on a daily basis and instead of just sharing my take on this, I wanted to share some things that have come out of our mutual conversations.

So, how do you know you need help?

3 Signs:
1.  You’re Human
2.  You’re Self-Aware
3.  You Realize You Have Blind Spots

That’s it.  Every single human being on this planet needs help because every single human being on this planet has blind spots.  All of us are limited beings with limited perspectives, self-limiting stories, and limited skills when it comes to being our best self.

But not everyone is self-aware.  Not everyone is awake and aware to the fact that asking for help doesn’t make you weak.  It makes you human.  Not everyone is awake to the idea that asking for help is making an investment in yourself because you believe you’re worth it.  And not everyone is aware that every single one of us is hard wired for validation, understanding, empathy, and connection.

If you have all 3 signs, you’re lucky because you get it.  Not everyone has all 3.  I wish everyone did because maybe we’d have a world where we didn’t buy into every story we told ourselves, we wouldn’t think we had to have it all figured out, we wouldn’t assume that our way is the “only” way, and we’d all be striving to ensure we are becoming our best selves.

But not everyone’s there yet.  Some of us are still stuck in the stigma of what it means to get help and I think Brene Brown sums it up quite nicely:

“We mistakenly fall prey to the myth that successful people are those who help rather than need, and broken people need rather than help.”

Oh what a myth this is.  Let me tell you a few somethings from my own point of view.  

  1. I’ve had a coach for the past 2 years that I meet with every other week.  Why?  Because it is invaluable to have an outside opinion you trust to make sure you’re staying in connection with yourself and always honoring your authenticity.
  2. I worked vigilantly as a practicing therapist to eradicate the stigma placed on needing help.  Help is good for your soul.  It’s good for your life.  If you want to get further, invest in some help that can take you there.
  3. The most successful, happiest people I know all have help along the way whether that’s from a therapist, a coach, a mentor, an accountability partner, or all of the above.
  4. Help doesn’t make you broken.  It makes you smart and it makes you compassionate.  Brene says. “When you judge yourself for needing help, you judge those you are helping”.  Don’t be judgey.  Not of others and SURELY not of yourself.
  5. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, being knowledgeable doesn’t mean you’re implementing what you know.  I can’t tell you how many smart as hell women I know who don’t practice what they preach.  From coaches who don’t take their own advice to therapists who don’t take their own medicine.  Knowing and Doing are two different things and doing takes work.  Just because you know something doesn’t mean you don’t need help practicing it, myself included.

So there you have it.  I hope you help me in my mission of decreasing the need to have it all together and do everything on your own. It’s nonsense.  The smart, successful people realize they have blind-spots, realize they’re worth the investment, and realize that they’re human and have their limits.  I hope you’re one of those people!   

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You can simply download the image by clicking on it below 🙂  And a big thanks to everyone for helping me decide on the final cover art!  I <3 it!!

And that’s my weekly roundup folks.  I feel so Texan saying that!  My husband would be so proud.  Haha!

I hope you have an amazing weekend and make time for childlike wonder and joy.  I hope you make that time to connect with yourself and experience your life fully while it’s happening.  That’s what life’s about.  Hug your loved ones, kiss their noses, share a laugh, share a hug.  

Life is always better with connection <3 xo


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