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Hi, Beauty.  I’m Megan!

  • Retired Psychotherapist
  • Fierce Feminine Leadership Mentor
  • Enoughness Coach™️ for Women
  • Soul-Alignment Catalyst
  • Divine Space Holder for Radical Transformation

And I believe within every woman is the desire to know her beauty, stand in her power, trust her wisdom, and become the bold creator of the beautiful life she deserves.


Everything starts with the belief that you deserve it and your willingness to RISE as the leader of your own life embracing all of who you are as a woman no longer living by others’ expectations, no longer molding yourself to other people’s rules, no longer settling for anything less than you deserve.  Because a true Priestess never would!

Because here’s the thing…

I see many women who know how to stand in their boldness, but struggle trusting their intuition.   I see many women who know how to stand in their softness, but struggle embracing their own power.

I see many women trying to make sure they’re not too much of this or too little of that when it’s really about being it all, being yourself, being the goddess that you are and always have been underneath the stories of “not enough”.

Ready to claim your enoughness and become your own fierce feminine leader for yourself and for the world?

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