I want you to LOVE your life like bright things are meant to be loved because you’re bright, baby!

A bright, bright light waiting to shine!

Hi, I’m Megan and I help passionate women come alive to who they’re meant to be, live a life they’re meant to have, doing that thing they’re meant to do, and live their truth out loud.

How do I do this you ask?

By giving you:
The Clarity you need +
The Confidence you want +
The Courage your dreams have been waiting for.

I’m a therapist, coach, and small business owner who knows what it takes to create a business and life you love. I deliver powerful tools, brilliant direction,and effective strategies with a whole lot a sparkle and a whole lot of soul!

In as little as one hour, we can give your passions their potential, your dreams their direction, and your purpose it’s path to shine.

Find out what’s it like to feel on fire about who you are, what you do, and what you give the world.

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