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Ever wonder when enough will be enough?

You say… If I just get that promotion. Lose that weight. Make that money. Have that partner. Reach that dream. Find my purpose. Feel more confident.  It’ll be enough. I’ll be enough. But I bet you keep moving that bar on yourself, don’t you?

Ever stop to wonder why?

Because the world isn’t going to save us from our perfectionism. We have to save ourselves!


a retired psychotherapist, transformational life coach, and one of the pioneering thought leaders on what it takes to become enough and stay enough on your own terms vs. those of the world.

  • I stand for imperfection.
  • I stand for being enough.
  • I stand for doing things your own way.
  • And I stand for doing it well, doing it messy, and doing it human.


Welcome to my little paradise of the internet where we embrace it all: the good, the bad, the messy. Especially the messy because this is where the good stuff happens.

If you’re ready to join the Enoughness Revolution and become a woman

  • who’s free
  • who knows she’s enough just as she is, right where she is
  • who can lay her head down at night feeling full, fulfilled, satisfied, and complete
  • who can start and end her day feeling proud of what she’s accomplished
  • who can look at her house and her life in all it’s messy imperfection and still pat herself on the back with a “good job, kid”…. Then it’s time!


CYE plain

where perfection is dead, you triumph, and you give yourself full permission to be messy, imperfect, human, and gorgeous because I promise you you are.

We All Are.


Don’t you think it’s time we embrace it?


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It’s time be enough just as you are, right where you are. Claim your enoughness, sister!  

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