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What if chasing happiness is the same thing as proving you deserve it?


If you just get that promotion. Lose that weight. Make more money. Have that partner. Have more clients. Find your purpose. Reach that goal. And on and on and on. It’ll be enough. THEN, you’ll be happy. You know the drill.

Hi, I’m Megan,


Founder of the Live True Movement and Your New Catalyst to…

claiming your ENOUGHNESS and living a life of
purpose, fulfillment, and joy.

Right Here.

Right Now.


Because this might sound familiar…


You’re a high-achiever, driven, motivated, and in endless pursuit of the kind of life most people dream about, but never actually achieve.

You believe in big things, want big things, and create big things… but it seems like no matter how much you do, have, or create … you always want more. Like when is enough enough?

You want more! You crave more! You deserve more!


More. More. More.

But what if…


the things you want more of aren’t the right things that will EVER make you happy? What if they only imprison you to the unfulfilling fate of enough never being enough?

Because that’s the biggest fear right? That it will never be enough for you. You’ll never be fully happy. You’ll never fully enjoy your ever-fleeting life because there’s always more to do, have, get or become?

Let’s be honest.


It’s the kind of fear that keeps you from fully enjoying your life and being madly in love with yourself. So much so it brings you to tears when you let yourself feel it, which isn’t often, is it?

Because you keep things buttoned up and under wraps. You push things down. You warrior on because that’s what strong women do. Because if you can still hit goals, still reach milestones, be in control, hold it all together, and perfect, perform, please, and prove… you’re not as bad off as you think, right? WRONG!

Because we know the real truth, don’t we?


We know there’s a part of you that’s begging for deeper healing, connection, compassion, and love. There’s a part of you that’s begging to break free from the mold that’s keeping you from all the happiness you know you deserve.

Because what you really want, what you beat yourself up for because you haven’t gotten there yet, is to once and for all end the fear and over-striving that keeps you hustling for your enoughness and realize YOU’RE ENOUGH JUST AS YOU ARE!


Here’s the truth we both know.


What you’re doing now… this performing, perfecting, pleasing, and proving isn’t getting you where you want to be NOR the life you want to live. Instead, it’s wearing you down, breaking your heart, and hurting your soul. So, I offer a different way that feels MUCH BETTER, much freer, much lighter all by living true to who you are.

Right Here. Right Now.



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